Presbyterian Church of Plum Creek


Katrina Mission 2006

On September 3rd, seventeen eager volunteers boarded a plane for Pascagoula, Mississippi. Our construction abilities may have been limited, but our hearts were ready to serve. We had spent the last month preparing those hearts. What is mission? What were our expectations? In a very short time we realized that each of us had been called by God, from the youngest to the oldest, that this was His mission and we were only the instruments being used. When we relinquished that control, God opened the doors. God used us as a witness; to people in the airport, to soldiers heading to serve, to the people of Pascagoula, and to each other. As you view the following pictures of God's trip, ask yourself where and how is God calling you to mission? We have many stories of lives that have been changed as God works through everyday people. What does your story say?

One volunteer's story.

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